Impedance controlled PCB

What is impedance controlled PCB?

PCB designers utilize controlled impedance for high-speed digital andhigh-frequency analog circuits. Our customers in these industries: Micro wave RFTelecom, powercontrol, medical Machine and DUTChips ..


How many types of Impedance controlled PCB?

1. single end impedance PCB(CharacteristicImpedance)
2. Differential impedance PCB


The factor of impedance effect ?

1.      Trace width (CharacteristicImpedance), trace width and trace space(Differential impedance)
2.      Thickness of dielectric Layer
3.      Thickness of copper trace
4.      Dielectric constant of material 

How to ensure the value matching of impedance ?

3 steps to ensure the value correct of your PCB impedance controlled. 

1.    Calculate the value before production.

2.    Measure the width of trace anddielectric layer in process
3.    Make an coupon, Test it by impedance test Instrument 

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