Ceramics PCB

It is apart from MCPCB, if you want to use PCB in high pressure, high insulation, high frequency, high temperature, and high reliable and minor volume electronic products, then Ceramic PCB will be your best choice. 

Why Ceramic PCB has such excellent performance? You can have a brief view on its basic structure and then you will understand. 

96% or 98% Alumina (Al2O3), Aluminum Nitride (AIN), or Beryllium Oxide (BeO)

Conductors material: For thin, thick film technology, it'll be silver palladium (AgPd), gold pllladium (AuPd); For DCB (Direct Copper Bonded) it'll be copper only Application temp: -55~850C

Thermal conductivity value: 24W~28W/m-K (Al2O3); 150W~240W/m-K for AIN , 220~250W/m-K for BeO;

Max compression strength: >7,000 N/cm2 
Breakdown Voltage (KV/mm): 15/20/28 for 0.25mm/0.63mm/1.0mm respectively

Thermal expansion conefficient(ppm/K): 7.4 (under 50~200C)

According to different manufacturing method, current there're three basic types for ceramic board:

A) Thick Film Ceramic BoardThick Film Ceramic PCB: Using this technology, the thickness of conductor layer exceeds 10 micron, more thick than spurting technology. The conductor is silver or gold palladium, and was printed on ceramic substrate. More for Thick Film Ceramic PCB

B) Thin Film Ceramic BoardThin Film Technology Ceramic PCB: Because the thickness of electric resistance and conductor film less than 10 micron, and that film was spurting on ceramic substrate, so named thin film ceramic board. More for Thin Film Ceramic PCB

C) DCB Ceramic Board DCB (Direct Copper Bonded) technology denotes a special process in which the copper foil and the core (Al2O3 or AIN), on one or both sides, are directly bonded under appropriate high temperature and pressure.

More for DCB Ceramic PCB Application of Ceramic PCB

high-accuracy clock oscillator, voltage controlled oscillator (VCXO), temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs), oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs);
emiconductor cooler;
electric power electronic control module;
high insulation & high pressure device;
high temperature (up to 800C)

high power LED
High Power semiconductor modules
solid state relay (SSR)
DC-DC module power sources
electric power transmitter modules
Solar-panel arrays


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